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Leap Forward Endorsement 2/15/18 



I'd like to share with you the following opinion piece I came across in my research:

So here we are again, another mass murder, just another bad day in the life. Why just another bad day? Because we know nothing is going to change. Today’s narrative is, “Today is not a day to talk about gun control, it’s about coming together, and it’s about healing.” We will hear how, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.  They will tell us that “stricter gun control laws won’t stop people who want to do things like this”. There will be talk of our founding fathers and the second amendment right to bear arms. I’ve heard it all before and I’m done. I’m done with healing. I’m done seeing news coverage of the latest shooting spree, I’m done with the killing.


Does this latest incident surprise me?  No.

Do I expect change? No.

Why not? Because in 2012 in a small town in Connecticut named Newtown, at an elementary school called Sandy Hook, a lone gunmen with an assault rifle walked in and fatally shot 20 young children. The most heinous act imaginable. The killing of our most prized possessions, the one thing as a nation, and as parents we are suppose to protect above all others, our children. Yet did we get the sweeping gun law changes they deserved? Did we as a nation in the famous words of Abraham Lincoln “take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion” did we “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain”? No, we as a nation accepted OPEN SEASON on our children. We decided that an antiquated Constitutional Amendment from 1791 meant more than our children’s lives. We instead got locked schools and buzzers to get in, we got lockdown training in our schools. But not gun control. So let’s be realistic, if we didn’t get it then, Sunday is going to go down in history as just another bad day.

At this point I should mention that the post wasn't written yesterday, but the day following the Las Vegas shooting. Unfortunately, in America, the timeline of horrific gun violence means that you're constantly forced to face new terrors before you've fully come to grips with the last one. But until the word "Sunday," it's telling how appropriate these words are for almost every instance of gun violence we cope with as a nation.

The good news is, it is entirely within our power to do something about it. We can elect leaders who are willing to speak these words, willing to acknowledge that gun regulation does work, and willing to make that a part of their campaign and a part of their work on our behalf. The even better news is these words were written by one of those people.


The author of the piece is Kevin Barnet, a resident of Wooster, Ohio, and a candidate for state House of Representatives in the first district. Like so many other candidates, Kevin was inspired to run following the 2016 election, and has proudly stood up to run in a district where Democrats haven't fielded a candidate since 2012. He is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

His opponent, Scott Wiggam, is currently a reliable vote for the NRA in the state House, even going so far as to sponsor a bill the would waive the requirement for a motorist to inform a police office that they are armed when stopped for a "law enforcement purpose." It's a difficult district for a Democrat to win in, but we endorse Mr. Barnet's words, we endorse his desire for change, and we endorse his campaign as a fight that we need to fight. 

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